Hand Dyed No.1
  • Hand Dyed No.1


    An offering of mule spun Maine yarn, dyed in small batches using Maine grown eucalyptus, from us to you.


    All my favorite snow days so far this year have had pot lids dancing over simmering dye baths and eucalyptus thick in the air. This small batch of hand dyed yarns is a rustic, homespun marriage of Maine fiber and plant - a truly special collaboration between the things I love most in this place we call home.


    Our eucalyptus was grown at Blue Cloud Farm in Walpole, Maine, and our yarn spun in Harmony, Maine, at Barlett Yarns, the oldest operating mule spun woolen mill and the last of its kind in the states. Spinning mules mimic the motions of hand spinners, resulting in a springier, loftier yarn. The fiber is rugged and the perfect choice for working woolens. It is the only yarn we use for our handmade mittens. Our son's most loved pairs of mittens have naturally felted into beautiful winter armor from hours upon hours of snow play.


    Because the skeins are hand dyed, variation should not only be expected but celebrated!


    4 ounces 100% wool 2 ply worsted, 210 yards

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