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Homestead Honey - Flying Geese
  • Homestead Honey - Flying Geese


    Homestead Honeys are heirloom quality weighted dolls made with simple, all natural materials: wool, cotton, botanical dyes, lavender, chamomile, beeswax, and millet. Handmade with love in Maine.


    ***At this time we are only able to ship within the United States when dolls are purchased through our online shop. Please email with any questions regarding this.***


    Homestead Honeys are made with care and thoughtful attention from start to finish. Their heads are artfully sculpted from sheep's wool, making them both durable and soft to the touch. Additionally, wool absorbs the warmth of the body holding it close, making these dolls all the more comforting and lifelike in the arms of their little snuggler. Their facial features are left minimal- a simple forehead curve, two blushing cheeks, and a little nose -to support imaginative, child led play in little ones.


    The outer buntings of our Homestead Honeys are made with cotton botanically dyed on our little homestead in Maine. All seams, including those hand sewn, are sewn twice to ensure your doll's long and happy life.


    Homestead Honeys are filled with organic millet lightly scented with calming lavender and chamomile. They weigh approximately 2.5 pounds and are approximately 17" tall. Their unique millet filling lends itself to fluid movement, allowing dolls to drape over little caregivers' arms and shoulders with authenticity. The millet is thoroughly heated to eliminate the risk of sprouting should the doll get wet.


    Homestead Honey "Flying Geese"  is made using cottons botanically dyed with madder and indigo. Variation in color is natural and beautiful! 


    Care Instructions


    Doll buntings are removable and machine washable, though gentle spot cleaning and hand washing with a mild soap is strongly encouraged. A gentler cleaning approach will not only help maintain the vibrant botanically dyed colors, it will also support the longevity of your doll. For machine washing, set cycle to gentle, or hand wash if possible, and use a mild soap.  

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