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  • Julie


It's wet and raw, and raw and wet, and I haven't been outside once today where I didn't seize up like honey in a cold drink. Not to mention, that cow in the barnyard is giving me carpal tunnel just from looking at her. Somehow it escaped me that in the coming days I'll be called to resume my low perch under that sweet-breathed beast and god damn it, where did I put that behemoth of a milk pail? It's not something one could easily lose but here we are. Anyhow. I've got reason to believe we'll have a calf by morning, but you know how hesitant I am to attach myself with any certainty to Birth, Animals, and The Like. Instead I'll say, there's talk of ropy discharge and it's hellish weather out there. So, odds are.


Welcome to this humble journal.

Grab a strong cuppa and settle in.

I'm so glad you're here.

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