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On my thirtieth birthday I finally invested in a pair of long-desired clogs. I wore them so relentlessly that after a time they felt like perfectly acceptable footwear for events like Early Morning Chicken Chores in Light Snow, or A Quick Stall Muck. Shortly after my thirty-first birthday, a rotten-but-loved dog in my charge ate the left fellow. I was encouraged to keep the right- just in case you find its mate at goodwill! -but decided I would rather not tangle with whatever bad juju accompanies a single shoe to the secondhand shop, and so relinquished them both. As my thirty-second birthday loomed last month, an unexpected pair of clogs came my way- both the left and the right. I have aggressively broken them in since with a wide range of clog-friendly and not-so-clog-friendly activities (just ask the chickens). I might even love them more than the satisfaction of heaving a blue hubbard squash to the ground in lieu of common kitchen butchery (a clog-friendly activity). With this most recent arctic blast in the north country, I am now doing the hard work of convincing them that both my feet and Very Thick Wool Socks should be simultaneously allowed entry. As they say, love will find a way.

Slow fashion - handmade, secondhand, independent, and/or ethically produced clothing and footwear - has become more important to me over the years. With all that we strive for on our homestead, I think it makes sense. It's been an absolute pleasure to welcome these clogs into my evolving and hopefully more thoughtful wardrobe. Thank you Sandgrens Clogs for this timely gift! Both the craftsmanship and style of your clogs are tops. To see more of Sandgrens Clogs' beautifully hand-crafted clogs, you can visit their site or instagram @sandgrensclogs. I'm wearing the Tokyo clogs in nude, which you can find here.


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