• Julie


In the home of never clean windows, three noses pressed.


The dump, the library, the grocery.

A first draft book review I meant send off weeks ago.

Meal planning, garden planning, what'll you do with your life planning.

Three square meals, times four.

Tomato stains scrubbed from a homemade coat I referred to as an heirloom! the moment after a food processor incident last night splattered us both.


some sweet little nothing (some sweet little everything) I wrote and emailed to myself about how nice it is to look through a window and see Craig on the other side.

Hi, there.

Welcome to our humble journal, a collection of musings, recipes, and all the homestead etceteras, written and photographed by Julie Letowski.


Grab a strong cuppa and settle in.

We're so glad you're here.

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