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Something To Learn: Adding Blush to Waldorf Dolls

With my first group of Homestead Honeys now sent off to their new homes I thought it might be nice to share a quick and easy way to freshen up a Homestead Honey, Waldorf doll, or any cloth doll's face. A generous and kind follower shared this method with me when I was early on in my doll making and my process was forever changed. Using a cloth to wipe on the blush lends itself to a much more controlled and creative blushing. I really do love this part now.

You will need:

-a beeswax crayon in the color of your choosing

-a cloth

-your doll

For the crayons I use Filana organic beeswax crayons (simply because that's what we have on hand). Stockmar crayons are another option and some stores that carry Waldorf doll making supplies will sell single red beeswax crayons if you're not in need of an entire set. I'm using block crayons in the pictures below but stick, or any other shape, works perfectly well.

For the cloth I use an old cloth baby wipe- it's both sturdy and smooth, and certainly not precious.

Step 1: Gently spot clean doll's face and let dry. (optional)

Step 2: Test and select crayon color on your cloth. I'm partial to vermillion red, but carmine red and magenta are both beautiful blushes.

Step 3: Vigorously color a small section of your cloth.

Step 4: Begin gently rubbing the crayon colored section of your cloth on your doll's rounded cheek. How much and where exactly are up to you! I like to wipe a little across the bridge of the nose as well. If you're nervous, start small and build from there. If you want to mellow or blend your doll's newly blushed cheek, gently rub the blushed area with a clean section of cloth.

Happy blushing! xx


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